Updates: Tiled map loader 0.8 and sfchat 0.3

Two updates this post: first is the almost obligatory tmx map parser update. Nothing major this time, just a refactoring of the code to make things more 'proper'. If you're upgrading from previous versions remember to add the new MapObject.cpp file to your project. You may also notice a few more functions in the MapObject class. These are designed with roll your own collision response in mind, as touched upon in my last post. I've not fully tested the functions yet, but they provide the ability to detect which segment of a MapObject received a collision, and return a normal vector about which a velocity vector can be reflected. For more details refer to my last post, particularly the external articles linked near the bottom.

The second update is to my other SFML based side project sfchat which is, again, more or less a maintenance update fixing some of the more glaring syntactical errors. sfchat is a project I made mainly for a bit of practice with the SFML networking module and provides a client/server chat facility which can be integrated into other projects. I was reminded of this by AlexAUT who has included sfchat in his excellent and addictive game Kroniax. Go play it :)


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