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Building a custom MIDI controller part 3 - Tweaks and refinements

In this final post about my custom MIDI controller (the first two posts can be found here and here) I'm going to cover what happened when I tested the unit for the first time, the problems I uncovered, and how I worked around them.

At this point the project wasn't fully assembled, although it was all connected. Experience has taught me to expect a few kinks, and I anticipated the need for a few tweaks to the software. Fortunately I only encountered a couple of problems.

The noise problem.
In the first post I briefly discussed the flow of the program, and the fact that I was using MIDI OX to analyse MIDI data traveling back and forth between the computer and the Arduino. It was immediately obvious something was wrong as soon as I opened the MIDI OX window because the display was deluged with data from the analogue inputs. When I described the program flow I explained I was reading the analogue inputs in a loop, and then sending MIDI data out if there was any change since the las…

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