I'm not sleeping...

...just resting my eyes. Actually that's not true. The apparent radio silence on this blog is just due to me being too busy to write anything worth reading. My current SFML project is still in full swing, and I'd love to show some of it off - but it's just not ready enough yet. I'm not sure if it's because I'm self taught, or just because I'm an insecure person in general, but I'm having real difficulty persuading myself to make my code public.
    I have taken steps towards that end, however, by finally caving and joining Github, which should also aid in user contributions. I've created a couple of repositories so far; one for the Tiled map loader, and one for the RS232 wrapper class. I have no definite plans for what I want to host there, so I'll be adding projects as and when I see fit. For now though bear in mind that these will now be the official sources for any code I publish, so any stray links you may find on the blog will most likely point to out of date archives (although I've tried my best to update them all). Finally, to fill some space, here's an image taken from the UI of my current project:


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