Space Racers Binaries

That's Right!


I finally pulled my finger out and uploaded the binaries for Space Racer. The linux version worked for me on Mint 15 32 bit (which is what I compiled it on) - but I have a rocky history with linux so I have no idea how well it'll work for anyone else. Some people have reported a bug where the game loads to a white screen on Windows, which I've narrowed down to the AMD 13.12 graphics card drivers. Reverting to 13.9 or updating to the beta drivers seems to fix this. I'm not going to release the source for Space Racers, but I have uploaded the base framework code to github for anyone interested. This is basically what I start with whenever I create a new project, and where any new features I may create end up, if I think they are features I might want to use again in the future. There's no documentation particularly, as I've only released it for anyone who is curious. If you want a decent framework to start your own project I'm sure there are plenty of much better alternatives.


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