Crush! A 2D platformer made in SFML

Yet again many months seem to slip by while this blog goes neglected.. although this time for good reason! Pretty much ever since my last post (which has since been integrated into the official Gameplay samples :D) I have been hard at work on a two player competitive platform game named Crush. The aim of the game is to crush all the bad guys by dropping or sliding heavy crates into them and, in two player, crush more than your opponent whilst vying for precious time with the Magic Hat! The longer a player wears the hat the more points they are awarded at the end of the round. Here's a (slightly outdated) video of it in action:

The game itself is far from complete, but I've decided to release it open source in its current state to get some wider opinion on it. Currently the source is available from Github, although there are no binaries yet. The windows version (assuming you choose to use the included Visual Studio project) also includes source written in C# / .net 4 for a level editor and sprite sheet animation data editor. I've made a short video which briefly covers how they work:

In the vein of my previous project Space Racers I plan to write a few blog entries about the code design and how the mechanics of the game work, as well as perhaps reflecting on what I haven't got right, and how I'll address that next time round. As usual all feedback is welcomed, there's a thread on the SFML forums here.

The first part of the breakdown is now available here.


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