Updates, updates...

... updates. I've not been toiling over any huge projects recently, but there has been a speight of update activity. First off I've pushed a few updates to the SFML TMX loader to the github repo. There's no new full release, but the updates do fix a couple of bugs, including polygonal objects losing their point data when properties are added. I've also added support for 'Collection of images' tile sets, which is more of a feature than a bug fix. If this is something you were waiting for then now is the time to pull down the latest revision.

I've also updated Pseuthe, fixing a bug where the score timer continued to run when the main window lost focus, as well as adding a colour blind mode for people who find distinguishing between red and green difficult. I've also updated the help menu. This brings Pseuthe to 1.0.3, the Windows and Linux binaries for which you can download from itch.io, or, if you prefer, the source from Github. Thanks to kind community donations there is also now an OSX binary in the works, which should appear on itch within the next few days.


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