How to build TMX Map loader for SFML

Soo.. the usual opening apology for lack of content - sorry! (Happy new year by the way!). Although I have a wealth of ideas I'd like to write about it actually becomes very hard to find the time to write about them when I'm busy implementing them. Long story short I've been working on tidying up the framework I use for building SFML games called xygine. Technically this post is not about that though, (and the project itself is far from finished) so if you're curious as to what my take on an Entity Component System for SFML might look like you can find the repositiory here. Hopefully one day you'll start to see some posts detailing some of the features.

To the crux of the matter: I get repeatedly asked about building the TMX map loader as, for some reason, it seems to be my most popular project. To be honest I'm a little disappointed with myself for not making this post much, much sooner but finally here it is. I've added a page to the map loader wiki which explains how to build it on various platforms and compilers, complete with an explanation for building the required zlib library on Windows. You can find the page here. Hopefully this will get enough exposure that anyone looking for it will be able to find it and build the map loader successfully. There may be a mistake here or there but, as the page is hosted on the Github wiki, anyone with a Github account will be able to contribute fixes and corrections. From now on this will be the official source of build information and I will forward  any queries to this link :)


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