xygine featured on Push Button, Receive Code and Lunar Mooner update

I happened to discover that the lovely chap over at Push Button, Receive Code has a tutorial series which uses xygine. This makes me really happy that someone else is finding xygine useful to the point that they want to create a good quality tutorial series with it - something I've never managed to do myself. I highly recommend you go read the series, which covers making a top-down shooter not unlike classics such as SmashTV. I'd like to point out though that it's 'xygine' with a small 'x'. I don't know why, I'm just odd like that...

On a xygine related note I've been working more on Lunar Mooner (working title), adding 3D models using xygine's mesh renderer, and a new mini-mode transitioning between levels of the game:

I have a second mini-game planned although the 'Planet Hopper' mode needs a fair amount of polish before I start on that. As usual you can keep track of the updates (along with all the fresh new bugs...) via the repository.


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