tmxlite - A lightweight Tiled map parser for C++14

One of the biggest problems with the SFML tmx map loader is its dependency on not only SFML but zlib, which can be a pain to set up correctly on many platforms. A while back I stumbled upon miniz which is a drop in replacement for zlib in a single source file. I used it when adding tmx map support to xygine, and was so pleased with the result that I've spun off the parser in to its own library. tmxlite is small, supports all compression formats, and can be compiled in to a static or shared library on any platform which supports CMake (probably even on mobile!), without any of the fuss of linking to external libraries. It also offers (in my opinion) a far cleaner API to the map structure of Tiled maps than the SFML map loader, so that any graphics library can be used with it, not just SFML. If you're intrigued, or just want to try a different library, you can find it on Github here.


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