tmxlite - 1.0.1 Released

I've released a bugfix update to tmxlite, my lightweight Tiled/tmx parser for C++.

Fixes include:
  • Fixed typo in FindTMXLITE file
  • Made render order property optional for backwards compatibility with older map versions
  • Fixed colourFromString() not properly removing preceeding #
  • Fixed Parsing of image property of collection of images tilesets
  • Fixed missing image size property for collection of images tilesets

There are also a couple of new / update features:
  • Added an OpenGL example using SDL2
  • Moved the SFML example to its own project folder
  • Updated the CMake file to allow compiling libtmxlite as a dependency of another project

The latest relase has been tested to work on Windows, linux and OS X. Thanks, as ever, go to the community members who have contributed via the Github page.

You can grab the source here and Visual Studio 2015 builds here.


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