New Gamejolt Page

While Bob and Pseuthe are both quite happy residing on, I thought I'd branch out a bit and also add them to my new Gamejolt page. Gamejolt, for those who don't know, is an indy-friendly community for hosting game projects, not unlike itch. The main difference is that it offers its own API for integration with its game client (itch also has a game client, check it out if you want to find some obscure gems!) which provides services such as high-score tables and trophies which can be shared with the rest of the Gamejolt community. Both DoodleBob and Pseuthe are perfect candidates for these features, so hopefully sometime in the near future I'd like to take advantage of these by adding trophies to both games, and an online high-score for Pseuthe. They'll both remain on, although downloading them from there will mean they won't feature the Gamejolt integration.

If you want to find out more about these features so you can add them to your own games, check them out here.

In other news I've been spending the last few months developing a new game engine - a spiritual successor to xygine - with mobile platforms in mind. I've switched from sfml to SDL2 for the cross platform parts, as it provides much more fine grained control over the graphics rendering, and has (in my opinion) far superior mobile platform support. I've not completely abandoned sfml, and, as it's API is beautifully crafted (and one of its strongest points), its influence can be seen heavily in the API of the new engine. In fact, as a 'spiritual successor' the API is very similar to that of xygine (which, of course, was born of sfml ;) ) where I've tried to pretty much port all its good features and improve everywhere else. The biggest change (apart from the underlying switch to SDL2) has to be the new ECS which tries to take a data-driven approach to the much lauded entity-component system. I've been swayed by other programmers on IRC (you know who you are...) and the copious amount of reading and research I've done. I'm very pleased with the apparent increase in performance while having maintained the easy to use interface to the framework. When everything is a bit more... baked I'll go into detail in a dedicated post (as well as releasing the source), but for now I'll share a snippet of some work-in-progress remixing of an old favourite which I've been using to develop the engine.



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