Castle Clamber - new game coming to Steam!

I ain'tn't dead!

In a previous post I talked about the crogine framework I'd been working on and how I'd like to take some of its features, particularly the ECS, and merge them into xygine. Well, that quickly escalated....

After a huge (and very successful) refactor of xygine, dubbed xyginext to differentiate it from its existing, incompatible, incarnation, I started on a new demo to include in the repository as reference for anyone wanting to use the framework. I based it on some old arcade games from the 80s and 90s which I remember fondly from my childhood, adding modern features such as network play, powered by the enet library from Sauerbraten. As it turns out it was pretty fun to play, as well as to develop, so the past 6 months I've been busy beavering away, fleshing out the project and readying it for release on steam, for Windows, linux and macOS. It also uses tmxlite ;)

It would be remiss of me not to mention all the help I've had from the SFML community of course, particularly the thorough play testing by Rosme and all of Jonny's contributions to xygine, the build system, the editor, the CI... so thanks guys, it means a lot! There's no concrete release date for the game, dubbed 'Castle Clamber', yet - but I'm looking to a March/April window.

The game revolves around a princess at the top of her castle tower, who has woken in the middle of the night and fancies something to eat. The goal is to climb the tower, built from 30 levels, collecting food and squashing any bad guys who might get in the way. On release there will be three towers, each with its own theme, bringing the total number of levels to 90. The next tower is unlocked when the previous one is completed. There are plans to eventually bring steam workshop support to the game so users can create their own towers for everyone to play.

You can follow the progress of the game on twitter @TrederiaGames and find the updated xygine repository on github as before.

Oh, and Happy Birthday Doris!


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